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Our office handles a wide range of civil litigation proceedings including insurance disputes, personal injury matters and business disputes. Additionally, a large portion of our practice is dedicated to Probate Administration and litigation. Probate is the Court supervised process of distribution of assets contained in a person’s estate after they pass away. In Florida, depending on the nature of the estate, it will be administered as either a Summary Administration or Formal Administration proceeding. We have provided various postings and webpages on this site to aid family members with an understanding of the Florida Probate Administration process. If after reading these materials you have any additional questions, give us a call, our staff and our firm are dedicated to assisting folks with Florida Probate procedures and administration.

Unfortunately, sometimes a probate proceeding becomes adversarial. Adversarial probate proceedings are commonly referred to as probate litigation and these include disputes over the validity of wills and trusts, disputes regarding Power of Attorney documents and actions and potential breaches of obligations of Personal Representatives or Trustees to various beneficiaries. If you are involved with an estate administration and you believe that it is not being handled appropriately or worse that someone has improperly wasted or taken estate assets, take a few minutes to read our webpages dedicated to probate litigation. Fortunately, you have significant rights under Florida Law and we may be able to help you protect the assets of the estate.

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Zoecklein Law is proud to serve clients throughout Hillsborough County, Sarasota County and Polk County, and Pinellas County, Florida in all types of cases. For years, we have built a reputation on providing our clients with aggressive defense. Even in the most complex legal case. The philosophy at Zoecklein Law is that every client is a top priority. When you contact our Tampa Attorney you can be confident knowing you will have an assertive attorney advocating on your side.

Brice Zoecklein Esquire:

At Zoecklein Law, we have represented many clients who were facing an array of legal problems that left them lost and confused. With our help, our clients have successfully been able to fight their case and obtain successful outcomes in court. We are an assertive, professional full service law firm. When you find yourself facing a legal challenge, rest assured that our law firm will provide you with the legal power you deserve.

– Brice Zoecklein

Why You Always Need Representation:

No matter what your legal issue, you benefit from the experience of others.  We have successfully handled hundreds of cases and dealt with issues ranging from business disputes to personal injury cases to probate and estate planning and more.

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Our firm is dedicated to advocacy for those who need it most.  We don’t represent banks, insurance companies or large corporations. Instead our practice is focused on helping the individuals.  No matter your legal issue, we are glad to help.  Call us for a no hassle, honest consultation.

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Basic Estate Planning in Florida:

We specialize in an array of practice areas, but one of our primary areas of practice is handling cases of Probate and Estate Law. We are  recognized as a full service law firm in Tampa, Sarasota and Lakeland Florida and we are well-versed in the laws concerning Probate, Personal Injury and Foreclosure Defense.

Probate Law In Florida

This video is designed to provide an overview of estate planning and probate in Florida.

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What Sets Zoecklein Law Apart


At Zoecklein Law, we will pursue your case aggressively. We are known to be relentless when it comes to your legal matter. We understand the stress of being involved in a lawsuit whether you are the party being sued or suing, our law firm is here to support you every step of the way.


Should you choose to work with Zoecklein Law, you will receive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that legal matters do not have office hours, therefore we do not limit our office availability. When you need a lawyer, acting fast is always in your best interest.


By hiring a Tampa attorney from our firm, you will get much more than being assigned a number or a paralegal you will get an experienced attorney that will advocate. We are well versed in all laws surrounding our practice areas and you can feel confident knowing that you will be in the knowledgeable hands of an experienced attorney.


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